Mental Training Mastery Video Course

If you are a serious athlete that wants to learn how to master the mental game quickly and easily the Mental Training Mastery program is for you!

In these 8 in depth video lessons you will be taken step-by-step through a process to ensure you master the mental game. You will learn the secrets, systems and tools that the worlds greatest athletes have utilized for years to break records, push their limits, and become the best they can be!

Lesson # 1 | How to Get the Most Out of this Program and "The Zen Performance Model"

Lesson # 2 |  Dedication 

Lesson # 3 |  The Power of Focus

Lesson # 4 | How to Master the Power of Creative Visualization and Guided Visualizations to Double the Speed of Your Progression

Lesson # 5 | Meditation and Sport

Lesson # 6 | Mastering Beliefs, Interntal Dialouge and Mental Programming to overcome blocks and elevate your potential

Lesson # 7 | How to Easily Understand and Apply Sports Hypnosis

Lesson # 8 | Zen: Transcending Your Sport and Elevating Your Consciousness

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