Skateboard Hypnosis

There has been a long history of hypnosis in sport. Sports hypnosis was popularized after the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in which, the Russian team took with them 11 hypnotists to the games and dominated the world. They won a total of 98 medals, which was 24 more than their closest rival in a distant second USA. Today sports hypnosis is a staple in almost all Olympic sports development organizations around the world.

We know that athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, George St. Pierre and more have utilized this powerful tool and now you can too. In this audio we will be programming your mind with simple and powerful suggestions so that you install the same belief systems of the same athletes in the world. You can teach your body to perform it’s best under pressure, increase your focus and skill, and elevate your game to new heights blowing the lid off any limitations you may have now to achieve your highest potential.

Skateboarding is one of the most challenging disciplines on the planet. When you empower yourself with the strongest belief system around skateboarding you will learn to progress quicker, be more consistent, have confidence on those big tricks and become a more all around power skater!

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