Snowboard Jump Mastery Guided Simulation

The more you improve your snowboard skill the more you realize that snowboarding is a mental game. To continue to progress quickly and safely you need to master the process of visualization. When you push play on this audio you are guided into a simulation where you can ride your local snowboard park. As you use this audio daily you'll be activating neural circuits in your brain that will assist you in learning the tricks without ever setting foot on snow!
This simulation focuses on building up the mental programming needed to master jumping. That means spinning frontside, backside, switch, regular, cork and inverts. All of these skills take time to develop and when you listen to this guided simulation daily you'll put yourself on the fast track to becoming a confident and stylish snowboard jumper!
  • Learn tricks faster and progress quicker
  • Land tricks more consistently
  • Have more confidence when stepping up
  • Improve style
  • Program empowering beliefs around snowboarding

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