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I have trained both amateur and professional athletes in a variety of different sports around the world for over a decade using the Zen Athlete formula of applied sports psychology. When your safety is on the line, a strong mental game is mandatory. Best-in-class athletes must learn to become dedicated to pushing their limits, expanding their consciousness, and transforming themselves if they wish to reach peak performance and dominate their sport. Only a few short weeks after we began training, Brodie Carmichael landed the worlds first front flip heel clicker and front flip superman on his motorcycle. He credits his world records to our training and now he shares this knowledge to youth across Australia. However, Brodie's story is but one of countless successes for which the Zen Athlete approach is responsible.

No Bullshit.

I'll work with you or your team or organization to uncover limits imposed from within,
tailoring individualized feedback you'll use to unlock your full potential.

From Athlete to Superhuman

Peak performance is more than your sport; it's an attitude and a way of life.

Mindset and Psychology

By far the most effective, I work with you one on one and uncover what is holding you back, and where you can improve. By diving deep into your inner world, I can tailor the training specifically for your situation and personal goals.

Within and Beyond

You can also book me for a seminar or speaking arrangement. This is great for providing knowledge to a large group of people, usually at festivals, conferences or workshops.

Meditation, Focus, and Visualization.

I thoroughly enjoy working with larger groups or teams that could benefit from my teachings. these interations have shown to improve team success and connectedness at a substantial level.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been snowboarding for about 10 years now but what really made a big change in my riding was learning to master the mental game. Only a few short months after going through the training I began to win contests, learn new tricks faster, handle my fear and perform my best when under pressure. If you’re serious at being a top-level snowboarder or athlete than mental training and the Zen Athlete program is a must!"

Marie Racine
(Pro Snowboarder and full-time badass)

"The person I have to thank for my mindset, which has gotten me to be who I am today, is YOU! You definitely influenced a deeper level of thought within me. The horizon of effectiveness your techniques work is very wide I made a break through and will continue to knowledge myself with your programs."

Jake Sheridan
(Sponsored Parkour Athlete)

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