Who Else Wants to Learn the Mental Training Secrets of the Navy Seals, Shaolin Monks, and World Champion Athletes?

"Breakthrough training reveals a step-by-step formula for mastering the mental game, overcoming fear, entering flow state and achieving your highest potential"

Zen Athlete exposes the hidden secrets of applied sports psychology and mindfulness training, showing you how to reach peak performance.

 The Zen Athlete Complete Program contains the hidden strategies and training tactics of history’s greatest athletes. It addresses a problem that nearly all great athletes face: the fact that the level of performance required in most extreme sports is so ridiculously hard to achieve that getting even close to the "elite" level can be difficult if not downright dangerous.

You'll discover proven methods for avoiding critical errors and common pitfalls, all by mastering The Mental Game of Sport. Listen to an interview with any elite athlete or coach; you'll almost certainly hear them say that mental performance precedes sports performance.

You'll hear athletes talking about "getting in the zone", "visualizing the run", or "entering a flow-state". Talent alone can take you far, but without proper mental training, it's only a matter of time before you'll hit a skill-ceiling, or worse yet a tree! Zen Athlete contains the formulas you need to progress your skills with alarming speed, all in a safe, repeatable manner.


The Zen Athlete Complete Program

A 200+ page book, over 10 audios, 8 training videos, and more!

This encyclopedia of world-class mental training techniques is used by elite athletes around the globe.

Zen Athlete Complete Training Program

Module 1:

The Zen Athlete E-Book - Go Within. Go Beyond.  

“The Secrets of Achieving Your Highest Potential in Sport and Life.”

Over 200 pages jam-packed with essential training strategies and information to help you unlock every ounce of your potential.

  • The Zen Performance Model & How to Train Like a Champion (page 11)
  • The Four Key Principles for Getting into the Zone (page 28)
  • The Secret Power of Meditation: Making the Impossible Possible (Page 37)
  • Outrageously Effective Guided Visualizations Made Easy (page 62)
  • A Roadmap to Uncovering Limiting Beliefs (page 75)
  • Eight Critical Tips for Eating Healthier and Understanding Food (page 111)
  • Plus a Bonus List of 99 Super Foods (page 120)
  • Four Killer Home Workouts that Will Explode Your Progression (page 135)
  • The Power of Knowing Yourself: Your Personal Assessment (page 163)
  • Zen and the Art of Sport: Going Beyond (page 180)
  • Three Fundamental Zen Teachings that Can Change Your Life (page 190)
  • Module 2:

    8 In-Depth One-on-One Sports Psychology Training Videos

    It’s been proven that the best way to absorb and learn new information is through one-on-one training, so you will be receiving 5 in-depth video training lessons that will ensure you master the most important and influential tools in the Zen Athlete Program.


  • Training Video # 1: Maximizing Your Zen Athlete Training
  • Training Video # 2: The Zen Performance Model
  • Training Video # 3: Mastering Visualization
  • Training Video # 4: Forging Dedication
  • Training Video # 5: Understanding Mind
  • Training Video # 6: Conquering Self
  • Module 3:

    Powerful and Easy-to-Use Guided Visualizations

    In-depth guided visualizations help program your mind to learn new tricks easily,  avoid freezing up from fear, and keep you dominating your sport.


    1. Competition and Park Domination Guided Visualization:
      Sit back, relax, and watch yourself land all of the tricks you want as you’re guided through a visualization that shows you the power to learn on any park, feature, and setup you can imagine!
    1. Pro Takeover Guided Visualization: 
      In sport, everyone has a unique style and skill set. In this audio, you will get to experience the skill and style of your favorite riders. As your conscious mind imagines being the rider, your unconscious mind strengthens connections in same areas pros train for years to develop. Let's say you're learning a new skill or technique; seeing it through a pro's eyes lets you circumvent your own mental blocks and patterns, instead stimulating the neural pathways responsible for success in that area. The best part is, the technique you'll learn can be applied to any skill you want to learn or practice!
    1. Ultimate Manifestation Guided Visualization: 
      This audio empowers you to manifest your destiny and create your reality. You are guided into a relaxed state of mind where you can imagine creating anything you can desire in sport, business, life, and beyond. If you’ve been reading carefully, then you understand the implications of visualizing what you want, and this audio will prove you with a framework to practice effectively.

     Module 4: 

    Guided Relaxation Scripts


    These audios teach you easy techniques you can use to create a visualization for your next contest, trick, street spot, or anything you need that mental edge for!

    Guided Relaxation Script #1: Body Relaxation Method

    Guided Quick Relaxation Script #2: Tension Relaxation Method

    Guided Relaxation Script # 3: 10-1 Method

    Guided Relaxation Script # 4: Breathing and Doubling Method 

    Module 5:

    Sports Hypnosis

    Many people know that sports hypnosis has been around for years, however few realize how easy it is to use. Imagine what it would be like if you could exploit the power of hypnosis to burn deeply into your mind the belief systems, thought patterns, and tactics needed to become an elite snowboarder, and how good your skills might become.

    Elite Level Hypnosis: In this audio, we will be programming your mind with simple but powerful suggestions, updating your belief systems to the same version used by top athletes around the world.

    Module 6:

    Binaural Beats

     Welcome to the Mysterious and Exciting World of Binaural Beats

    Heinrich Wilhelm Dove initially discovered binaural beats in 1839, and since then much interesting research has been carried out studying it's effects. Binaural beats are used to induce certain states in the mind naturally, like flow or being in the ‘zone'.


    The amazing part is, you can use this technology to ‘hack’ your brain, forcing your mind to get into the zone quickly and easily! Furthermore, you can learn to program your mind to adopt the most powerful automatic mental patterns available, ensuring you’re harnessing every ounce of your potential!


     Binaural Subconscious Programming for Elite Performance: 
    As you listen to this audio, your mind will be programmed with the most useful belief systems regarding sport, easily and naturally. The more you listen, the stronger these patterns become in your mind.


    The Zone Binaural Beat Hack: 
    This track is specifically designed to put you into a state of hyperfocus where you can get into and stay in the zone easily. What’s more, there is a backing track of suggestions that will further ease the process!

    Module 7:

    Guided Meditations

    Meditation is the master key to your success.

    Elite athletes have a natural ability to still and control their minds. With this guided meditation, you can begin the journey of practice daily with no excuses and experience the amazing benefits meditation has to offer.


    Inner Sanctuary Guided Meditation: 
    Learn how to control your thoughts, find inner stillness, and focus and train your mind simply by listening to this powerful guided meditation.


    Mantra Meditation:
    This audio contains a soothing background track that you can listen to while repeating a mantra to yourself. These meditations are simple and useful for developing a healthy meditation practice.

    Zen Athlete Complete Training Program

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    The Zen Athlete Program is about getting results and making you better, period. It utilizes accelerated learning techniques to ensure you absorb as much information as possible, and guides you towards applying it quickly and effectively. To prove how much of a game-changer this program is, I’m going to give you FOUR in-depth sports psychology video lessons for free! Believe it or not, I’ve paid as much as $500 to learn just ONE part of these four free lessons.


    See What Athletes Are Saying



    “In the Olympic games, everyone is talented. Everyone trains hard. Everyone does the work. What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists is simply the mental game.”

    - Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shannon Miller


    A Few Things You Can Expect From Zen Athlete:

    • Discover the blueprint for elite performance training so you can perform your best when it’s all on the line, learn the hardest and most technical skills, and go beyond what you think possible!


    • How to survive the embarrassment, humiliation, and pain of a hospital trip from trying to step-up to an elite level of performance.


    • Imagine feeling the excitement of getting your first sponsor because you quickly progressed your skills to do all the tricks the pros do!


    • Picture yourself three years from now side by side with the best athletes in the world, knowing that you have all the talent, skill, and ability to ride at the highest level in the world, all because you learned how to master the mental game of your sport.


    • Imagine achieving your best at all times by leveraging the four keys to getting in the zone and hacking your mind with binaural audio, forcing you to have unshakeable confidence no matter what the circumstance.


    • Discover the secrets that have transformed average athletes into prodigies.


    • Learn to harness the epic power of visualization, leading you to acquire new skills daily, and ultimately annihilating your competition in contests because you’re a step above their metal performance.


    • Learn how to easily tap into your true potential, control your mental state, and excel under extreme pressure.


    • How to enhance performance by learning to convert the fear energy into shatterproof confidence and elevate your game on command, while never again having to worry about ‘freezing up’ from fear and seriously hurting yourself.


    • The elements of adopting a champion’s mindset and becoming superhuman, complete with step-by-step strategies.


    • Just imagine 2 minutes from now knowing critical information about fitness and nutrition training for sport that you can use to develop incredible strength and balance in all the right ways, all with proven and easy-to-apply training programs and equipment.


    • Imagine having the unfair advantage of knowing the simple process to ride your best anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. Discover the exact steps to take to elevate your game on command, transform fear into confidence, and the little-known truths to mastering the mental game.


    • You don’t want to miss this one! Discover the secret mind power techniques of the world's top MMA fighters, Tibetan monks, and 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Masters who can break steel over their heads and directly apply it to your sport.

    The Zen Athlete Philosophy

    Matt Belair

    HI! I'm Matt Belair, author of Zen Athlete. I've spent 30 years studying hundreds of mental training tricks and countless thousands of dollars on coaching, lessons, and knowledge from masters of personal development, consciousness, the mind-body connection, and the art of mental control. Zen Athlete is my attempt to condense and compile this information. These techniques are as powerful as they are proven, leading me and countless other clients and athletes to breakthroughs in performance. Unlocking limitless potential and transcending limitations are both processes that start within. Top athletes and intellects have always affirmed that peak performance is mind over matter, and now their secrets are finally out!

    Being a Zen Athlete is much more than becoming the greatest athlete you can be. Zen Athletes learn to value their minds, bodies, and spirits in equal measure. They learn how to achieve more than they ever thought they were capable of, and how apply those lessons to their everyday lives. They use sport as a tool to elevate their consciousness, smash through their skill ceilings, and increase their performance across the board. Ultimately, Zen Athletes discover that their potential is infinite, their only limitations are within, and their ability to reach peak performance relies solely on having the courage and guidance required to master self.


    100% Money-Back Guarantee!

    We are so confident that you'll love the Zen Athlete program and get such great results that we offer a 100% no-nonsense money-back guarantee! If you want your money back for any reason we'll give you a refund and let you keep the entire program as a thank you for trying!



    The tools you need are within;
    realize this, and your journey begins.


    Zen Athlete Complete Training Program

    Zen Athlete

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