See What Athletes Are Saying

See What Athletes Are Saying

  • "I spent a few hours in the night reading the first few chapters of you book and watched the first two of your videos, and then this morning I had a ride and MAN! Such a huge difference in my mental state after just one session. I just want to repay you so much already because I can see how much time and effort you have spent making this and its the real deal so thank you."

    Pat Bowden (Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider)

  • "I’ve been snowboarding for about 10 years now but what really made a big change in my riding was learning to master the mental game. Only a few short months after going through the training I began to win contests, learn new tricks faster, handle my fear and perform my best when under pressure. If you’re serious at being a top-level snowboarder or athlete than mental training and the Zen Athlete program is a must!"

    Marie Racine (Pro Snowboarder and full-time badass)

  • "The person I have to thank for my mindset, which has gotten me to be who I am today, is YOU! You definitely influenced a deeper level of thought within me. The horizon of effectiveness your techniques work is very wide I made a break through and will continue to knowledge myself with your programs."

    Jake Sheridan (Sponsored Parkour Athlete)

  • "Zen snowboarding is so awesome. I’m only 1/5 through the program and my riding has already stepped up after applying Matt's detailed visualization techniques. Landing that trick has been a ton easier and a safer.  I have never felt so much certainty going into a new trick. If I have it THAT clear in my head, I can do it for sure. So stoked to go through the full course, super exited to see what I’m going to learn. Thank you so much Matt, this knowledge is priceless!"

    Josh Hall (@snowboarding on Instagram, shredder, entrepreneur)

Zen Athlete

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