A Blueprint to Help Professional Athletes Thrive After Retirement

November 12, 2016

It is no secret that most professional, olympic and high level athletes struggle to find their place after retirement. The Zen Athlete program is all about transcending sport and becoming the best you can possibly be on the field and in life. The lessons contained within can help you liberate your potential in all areas, which is why I am one of the experts featured on the showcase alongside some other incredible athletes and coaches.

The most common problems for athletes going through career change is finding purpose and value. In addition: divorce, children, length of sports career, financial miss-management, family matters, loss of identity, lack of planning and education – all play a factor in unsuccessful transitions.

According to a {recent} Sports Illustrated article, 78% of National Football League (NFL) players are either bankrupt or commit suicide within two years of retirement and an estimated 60% of National Basketball Association players go bankrupt within five years after leaving their sport.

Transitioning does not discriminate a particular sport or how much money an athlete has made.
At some point every athletes competitive playing days will come to an end. At first you may feel relief, but then you start to miss the structure and the surroundings of a team environment things often change. You may be feeling overwhelmed with what to do within your career, relationships, finances and overall direction and purpose of your life after retiring from sports. However you can thrive and create and live a new dream!
My good friend Dominic Militello – a former professional athlete – has brought together some the most inspirational sport leaders in the industry. Former athletes, coaches, administrators and sports related experts share their life strategies, powerful processes, inspiration and wisdom to help you find purpose and value after sport and I am excited to be one of the contributors.

This FREE tele-summit event is called “The Championship Showcase: Secrets for Success from the Playing Field of Competition to the Field of Life” and it will help you to boost your confidence and end the year with new insights and help you go into 2016 with a championship mindset to be able to achieve your highest purpose…its 100% FREE!


The first interview will be played on December 15th – December 23rd

Here is a look inside the Showcase and just some of our guest speakers:

• 5 Time World Boxing Champion – Evander Holyfield
• 2011 NFL Leading Rusher – Maurice Jones Drew
• Super Bowl Champion – Aaron Taylor
• Olympic Athlete from Sydney Australia – Annette Lynch
• Legendary Coach – Bob Ladouceur

The intention of this Showcase event is to empower you to do the things necessary to demonstrate your purpose and express the best version of yourself to positively impact the world.

This event is to inspire you, so that you wake up every morning with a championship mindset, an attitude of gratitude, armed with powerful tools and life strategies you can implement RIGHT NOW!

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Finish the year strong and go into 2016 with real sustainable goals!!

You can listen to my complete interview below. Make sure you sign up because there are many other amazing speakers!

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