The Psychology of Success, Excellence and Peak Performance for Sport and Life

The Psychology of Success, Excellence and Peak Performance for Sport and Life

December 14, 2019

Learn the science and psychology of success and excellence with Dr. Eddie O'Connor, Howard Falco, and Matt Belair. In this deep dive into mindset you'll learn proven tools and tactics to achieve your highest potential!

Dr. Eddie O'Connor is a clinical sport psychologist, Fellow and Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, and Member of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

Howard Falco is a mindfulness and mental strength coach and the author of I AM: The power of discovering who you really are. Using the power of self-awareness he works on mental strength with athletes in college and all professional sports.

He is also author and host of "The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life" through The Great Courses.

Understanding the value of mistakes Distinguishing between a success, mindset and zen mindset? You win or you learn Apply the Zen perspective of accepting everything Learning to embrace the challenge rather than resist it The bigger the goal the bigger the tests What are you willing to do to achieve The process is ugly 3 Pillars of Greatness Re-thinking confidence The 4 Basic human emotions Understanding how you interact with fear and anxiety and confidence Million paths to the way home Find a way out or find a way through Why a higher level athlete will become more curious than angry Why successful people are lifelong learners Focusing on process over outcome Why you won’t be at 100% every single day

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