Dominic Cruz “The Greatest Moment in My Life”

October 29, 2016

This short but powerful quote from Dominic Cruz embodies what Zen Athlete is all about. We must become whole, complete, powerful, loving, harmonious human beings beyond our sport. Your self worth should not rely on you being the best, becoming a champion or winning the next trophy. From a place of pure self love you can pursue your dream fearlessly, knowing that it does not define you. By letting go of the outcome, you actually empower yourself more and give yourself a greater opportunity to perform your best. You consequently release a great deal of stress hormones within the body that will be active during a performance if your self worth relies on your success. Zen Athlete is about the development of the mind, body and spirt and achieving your absolute highest potential! Congrats to Dominic Cruz! What you had to go through to recapture the belt is absolutely mind shattering!

Zen Athlete

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