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GSD Interview with "Top Extreme Athlete Performance Coach" Matt Belair from Zen Athlete

August 30, 2018

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Matt Belair is an incredible extreme sports coach, author, speaker and social media guru. Listen as Matt and Joshua discuss how he started his coaching program, lived and studied with monks, and the role that meditation and mind control plays in creating the successful life that you want to live!

Show Notes:

(1:15) Intro to entrepreneurship. Passionate about martial arts, skateboarding and snowboarding.
(3:00) Learned about internet marketing and starting working on the road, traveling.
(3:30) Moved to Whistler, BC, created a snowboarding website and taught snowboarding before moving to Thailand to train with monks.
(4:30) What were some initial challenges of learning internet marketing and becoming an entrepreneur while traveling the world?
(7:06) Do something that interests you and that will fuel your fire to succeed in your craft.
(8:00) How do you build out an online coaching platform for snowboarding that most would think is a hands on coaching experience?
(9:30) What inspired you to leave Whistler teaching snowboarding to travel to Thailand and live with monks?
(13:30) While living with monks, what were some initial challenges or things you weren’t exactly prepared for?
(16:50) What was it like transitioning back to living in the states after being in such a different part of the world?
(19:20) How do you change your environment or shift your mindset to stray away from nonsense?
(25:40) Zen Athlete- Using skills acquired through martial arts and meditation to create a program for all athletes.
(31:50) Why do you believe that visualization is so powerful in achieving your goals and dreams?
(38:24) Neuro-linguistic Programming: Modeling excellence- how do you think, how do you speak about it and what are your habits?
(43:00) Where is the best place for listeners to find out more about you and your program?
(48:00) Reconnect to the things that matter and then build your life from there.
(56:00) What do you feel is the best path for self development?
(59:00) Follow something you care about and be easy on yourself.


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