Zen Athlete, The Law of Attraction, Mind Power, Dr Joe Dispenza Podcast Interview with Matt Belair

by Craig Rushon November 12, 2016

In this episode of the Ascend podcast we are joined for his 2nd appearance by Matt Belair, We Talk about Matt's time at the Dr. Joe Dizpenza's workshop, Law of attraction, the power of thoughts and much more. This was such a fun conversation and we really had such a good time speaking to Matt again and catching up

Matt has a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas. from sport psychology, self-development, awareness, the law of attraction, visualization. martial arts, training the body and mind. He has also studied meditation with Buddhist Monks in Nepal.

For all media, coaching, training inquiries for team and individuals contact Matt@ZenAthlete.com



Craig Rushon
Craig Rushon